Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Isley Brothers : Take Me to the Next Phase Pts 1 and 2

On April 25, 1978 The Isley Brothers released Showdown, an album that would top the soul charts thanks to the #1 R and B hit "Take Me to the Next Phase (Part One)". For reasons that aren't apparent to anyone with ears, the song never crossed over to the pop charts.

Of the album  which would peak at #4 on the pop charts, the critic Robert Christgau wrote:

Disco has been good for this band musically: the chic guitar-and-chant of the title tune, the slow, sensuous funk of "Groove With You," and the enigmatic air of "Ain't Givin' Up No Love" are refreshing variants on their basic moon-and-vroom, and both "Rockin' the Fire" and "Take Me to the Next Phase" are pure dance-peak ideology. Doesn't do much for their politics, though. B

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