Monday, May 28, 2018

People Think I'm Crazy

The Rolling Stones : Miss You ( extended version)

It is the summer of '78 and my dad has dropped me off at a bowling alley in West Haven with friends so he could spend more time with a Swiss woman who would become my step mother. I've got enough money for a soda or candy, but not both, and there's no way I'm going to break 200. But I can beat my sisters with my eyes closed.

 All of a sudden this song comes on. All I'm hearing is the bass and drums at first, a disco beat that doesn't do anything for me. Then comes the chorus with its "Oooh oooh oooh oooh" and EVERYBODY in the place is singing along.

 What the hell is this? It's the new Rolling Stones single, THE song of the Summer of '78, which broke into the Billboard Hot 100 at #76 on May 28, 1978. It would hit #1 in August and so would the album Some Girls

That was the Summer I returned from boarding school needing a tutor for Algebra I/ Symbolic Logic and Introductory French. The Summer my dad and his Swiss friend and all of our families lived together in a rented beach cottage. Like cats introduced in the same house all at once, we hissed . We fought. We found our quiet places. It was also the Summer I would bike over to the next town to hang out with a friend who had a guitar and was willing to write songs with me.

When his dad caught us sitting around, he'd call us over to do some yard work. We'd muck the one horse stable or chop wood. Writing songs in the basement was the best way to avoid that work. We decided to call the band Split Wood. 

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