Monday, June 11, 2018

Count the Hours

The Boomtown Rats : Like Clockwork

On June 11, 1978 The Boomtown Rats entered the U.K. charts at #54 with "Like Clockwork". Peaking at UK#6, this second single from A Tonic for the Troops is their first Top 10 hit. With its alarm clock sound effect, "Tick Tock" chant , and Twilight Zone theme reference, you might think this is a silly pop tune, but like a lot of songs on the album (including the upbeat Hitler tune "I Never Loved Eva Braun") it's actually quite dark with lyrics like:

Count the hours, count the months and minutes 
You're born in tears and die in pain and that's your limit 
You're lookin' for a reason but there's none 
There, why don't you admit it 
We'll make the most of what we've got, that's the ticket

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