Friday, June 8, 2018

Gimme Gimme Your Minds

The Germs : Lexicon Devil

In May of 1978 the LA based punk band, The Germs,  released a three song EP highlighted by "Lexicon Devil". It was the first release by a nascent Slash Records. The Germs, led by the short lived singer Darby Crash and guitarist Pat Smear,  has already achieved punk immortality at a gig in which they smeared themselves and each other with peanut butter.  Bullied in school, Crash was fascinated with the idea of mind control and anarchy. 

That's why "Lexicon Devil" may be the band's ultimate statement:

I'm a Lexicon devil with a battered brain 
Searching for a future the world's my aim 
So gimme gimme your hands gimme gimme your minds 
Gimme gimme your hands gimme gimme your minds
Gimme gimme this gimme gimme that

On December 6, 1980 Crash committed suicide by overdosing on hundreds of dollars worth of heroin. His body was found a day before John Lennon's murder. After playing with Nirvana on tour, Smear is a member of the Foo Fighters.

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