Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Landlord, Landlord, Landlord

X: We're Desperate

In the Spring of 1978 Dangerhouse Records released a powerful double shot of Los Angeles punk, X's "Adult Books" b/w "We're Desperate". Baltimore native John Doe had decided the New York punk scene has already been too established to enter so he moved out to Los Angeles where he met and became romantically involved with a poet named Christina Cervenka. Guitarist Billy Zoom entered the picture through an add in the weekly Recycler.

From a Brendan Mullen and Marc Spitz article in Spin Magazine

(Doe and Cervenka) penned lyrics that were equal parts Jim Morrison and Raymond Chandler and sang off-key harmonies with impossible conviction. Cervenka rocked a thrift-goddess ensemble that later was almost completely appropriated by "Lucky Star" era Madonna ( who used to buy jewelry from Cervenka's sister Muriel). Zoom played accelerated distortion-drenched Ventures and Chuck Berry riffs, always with his legs straddled apart and a creepy smile across his face; D.J. Bonebreak, hijacked from power pop trio The Eyes, beat the shit out of his snare.

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