Monday, July 9, 2018

No Nine-Day Wonder

The Buzzcocks : Love You More

On July 9, 1978 The Buzzcocks's new single "Love You More" b/w "Noise Annoys" entered the U.K. charts at #41. One of five Buzzcocks tunes to chart in 1978, the 103-second long single would peak at #34 and give the Manchester band another shot at appearing on Top of the Pops. NME's review was positive and blunt:

A short review for a short record ( 1 minute 43 seconds) : "Love You More" has a dance beat, a neat guitar hook, an air of breathless romance and a quality of sardonic innocence. It's make a great hit.

The B side "Noise Annoys" inspired the title of zines and college radio shows all around the world. Both can be found on the essential compilation Singles Going Steady.

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