Sunday, August 12, 2018

All Alone in My Bed at Night

Chic : I Want Your Love

On August 11, 1978 Chic released its sophomore album, C'est Chic, their most popular album . And for good reason. It's home to "Le Freak", the biggest single in the history of Atlantic Records. And "I Want Your Love" is another huge hit.  Listen carefully to just one instrument at a time and you'll learn a lot about what mad the best disco music irresistible. The guitar of Niles Rodgers, the Bernie Edwards bass and the drums of Tony Thompson could pack any disco floor in the world. The band would get one more album on the charts before the "Disco Sucks" backlash ran them out of the city.

In 1978 Robert Christgau, the self-appointed dean of rock critics, gave the album a B, writing :

The hooky cuts are more jingles than songs, the interludes more vamps than breaks, and I won't dance, so don't ask me. Well, maybe if you're really nice.

And from Billboard Magazine ( missing the obvious appeal of "I Want Your Love") :

Although "Le Freak," already a disco, soul and Top 40 hit, is the standout cut of the eight songs offered, the band proves it is able to work in styles other than disco. "Savoir Faire" features some nimble guitar work reminiscent of George Benson, and "At Last I'm Free" is a straightforward soul ballad. The rest is disco saved from being run-of-the-mill by the vocals of Alfa Anderson, Bernard Edwards, Diva Gray, Luci Martin, David Lasley and Luther Vandross. Best cuts: "Le Freak," "Happy Man," "Chic Cheer," "Savoir Faire."

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