Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hush, Can You Feel the Trees?

Ultravox : Slow Motion

On August 8, 1978 Ultravox previewed their third album, Systems of Romance, with the release of the single "Slow Motion". By this point, the band has found their new romantic sound, a blend of synthesizers and glam rock. Duran Duran must have been taking copious notes. 

A day earlier, Good Morning America's David Hartman interviewed Pete Townsend and Keith Moon who were promoting their forthcoming release of the album, Who Are You. Asked if he's in control of his life, Moon says "On certain days."
  "What are you like the other days?"
"Um, quite out of control. Amazingly...drunk".

 A month later, on September 7,  Keith Moon would died of an overdose of sedatives.

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