Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Ultimate Discovery

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark : Electricity

On May 21, 1979 Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark released their debut single, "Electricity". The band, made up of Manchester schoolboys Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys, bonded over their love of Kraftwerk and Brian Eno. On this song, they wear their influences on their sleeves. OMD begins the song with a plodding bit of sizzling electronica that sounds like something from Another Green World. Then, 10 seconds in, comes the happiest Kraftwerk-ish sounds ever heard!

Factory Records released the single twice but it never charted, despite DJ John Peel's enthusiasm for it. Still, the single landed OMD a record contract and a spot opening for Gary Numan on his tour. New Music Express called it "the best example of Factory Records to date – excellent, melodic, synthesiser pop" and David Hepworth of Sounds wrote "unlike most synthesiser specialists (no names, no pack drills), these two aren't afraid of a tune and a bit of fun and this bubbling electrobop could see them in the charts.

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