Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Bauhaus unleashes a Goth classic

Bauhaus : Dark Entries

On January 16, 1980 Bauhaus released their second single, the thundering "Dark Entries" on Axis Records, a label that would soon change its name to 4AD. Raised in the flat fields of Northhampton, singer Peter Murphy wrote lyrics as dark as his hopes.

 "Dark Entries" seems to be about male prostitution with the lyrics "I came upon your room it stuck into my head/ We leapt into the bed degrading even lice /You took delight in taking down /All my shielded pride".

Murphy would tell Kerrang in a  recent interview:

I suppose ("Dark Entries") is dark, but it’s, well—it’s not punk, either. It’s a very unusual writing style. It’s almost like 16th century type of language. Not on purpose! I’m well-read, but I’m not a geek. I’m kind of, very retiring actually. Shy almost. I’m the youngest of seven children. Very emotional and very artistic — and very beautiful. When I was 17 I saw my beauty, and I thought, that’s my way out. I swear to you. Something was calling to me. So that’s where that comes from.

 Sounds magazine will feature the band in February, writing:

 "Whatever it is these Phantoms of The Teenage Opera have got, it's worth checking out. They've got a sound as clean as a razor, and a vision that doesn't need dressing up in angry rhetoric or android accessories to make its point. Their music may have the shadow of the tall steel over it, but there's a heartbeat you can hear throbbing in the background. Not a ring modulator."

The B-side is "Untitled":

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