Thursday, July 14, 2011

#37 Amy Rigby - Don't Break The Heart, 1996

Amy Rigby Don't Break the Heart by 1001songs

For her 1996 debut album Diary of a Mod Housewife, Amy Rigby said she wanted to take on "the netherworld between Bohemia and suburbia, between set lists and shopping lists." The Dean of Rock Critics, Robert Christgau,  gave the record an A rating and called it the "concept album of the year". Diary is full of honest, sometimes funny scenes from a marriage on the rocks.(To former dB's drummer Will Rigby who plays on a few cuts)
Amy told a reporter she was inspired by a line Chrissie Hynde wrote in "Middle of the Road": I've got a kid/ I'm 33.
    "It injected a little reality into this rocking little song." Amy said. "I liked the idea of trying to say something a little more complex in the framework of what is basically an entertaining rock song."
Anyone who owns this album has a different favorite song. That's probably why you should buy it ( for only $2.98 on Amazon right now).
     Remembering my own heartsick history in the mid-90's, I pick "Don't Break The Heart": Don't make the fatal error of thinking you'll find someone better/ 'Cuz you won't. Doesn't that just say everything you want to say in a break-up song?

   Amy has bounced back by the way. She's now married to Wreckless Eric. The live in France and record together. For more info on Amy click here.

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