Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ron Sexsmith's Hotel Covers

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Ron Sexsmith's Twitter Feed is a good read. Especially if you like groan inducing puns ( "Harnessing the winds energy is a wind wind situation"). Now he's posting  links to a series of wonderfully intimate performances he's calling Hotel Covers.

You can catch them all on his new YouTube channel Rawnboy.

The first one is Springsteen's "Bobby Jean" from Born in the USA, recorded the morning before his Birmingham,UK show.
His other covers to date:
June 19 :Warren Zevon "Dirty Life and Times"
June 21:  The Muttonbirds "Esther"
June 22: Sam Cooke "When a Boy Falls in Love"
June 22 Randy Newman "Every time It Rains"

June 23 The Kinks "Schooldays"
June 24 Bob Dylan "John Wesley Harding"

June 25  Joni Mitchell "Borderlines"
June 26  Buddy Holly "Peggy Sue Got Married"

June 27 Tom Waits "Fish and Bird" is his latest. Let's hope it's not his last!


  1. Nice post. Those covers are the best. Thanks for sharing. hotel design

  2. Ron, I just discovered your music. I heard one Grey morning. Swept me away. Amazing artist . Do you ever get to the states to play. Please add me to any newsletter you might have.