Sunday, August 18, 2013

40 Year Itch: "Iggy Pop Will Be a Star"

A review of the Stooges last show of a four night stand at Max's Kansas City in the Summer of 1973 from unimpressed Billboard writer Phil Gelormine:

The midnight performance was already 45 minutes late when the Stooges finally took the stage. Max's was unbearably packed and anticipation on this, Iggy's final night, was high. He looked older than expected, straight bleached blond hair limp and bare chest glistening in the lights revealing the several stitches attained a few nights back when rolling across the stage he cut himself on the several broken glasses hurled by audience members.

After witnessing his performance, it's a wonder more wasn't levied toward him. The wall of blazing music as dished out by the Stooges only served to deaden the senses while Mr. Pop, garbed in flap-studded bikini briefs with a nylon hose right leg, minced, writhed, contorted and pulled out every trick in his limited supply to get the confined crowd off its hands. "You're a tough audience to crack," he snarled before giving us his ultimatum. "Get up and leave or stay and hear more." Max's Sardine City unfortunately left us with no choice but to endure.

So away on his ego trip we continued. What vocals could be heard from him, comprised material from his Columbia album "Raw Power". He also poured beer over his head, tossed the mike stand wrecklessly into the audience, put it between his legs and clutched  the heads of ringsiders for support. Iggy Pop will be a star.

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