Monday, October 28, 2013

1973: The Best of Brazil

   The post Tropicalia years offer some of the best music to ever come out of Brazil. While our 1973 retrospective offers a few familiar names from our look at  what happened in 1972, most of the albums we want to focus upon came from a new batch of veteran musicians.

   Light in the Attic recently reissued this funky gem from Rio singer-songwriter Marcos Valle. The Moog features heavily in Previsao Do Tempo which promises to spray bursts of tropical sunshine  (with veiled political commentary )  into your dreariest Autumn and Winter days.

[out of print]

   The "coolest" of Brazil's bossa nova musicians and singers, Edu Lobo expands on the form with a wide array of new ideas and arrangements. The album is impossible to find which is nothing short of criminal. Hope Light in the Attic is paying attention.

   In 1973 the " Father of Brazilian Rock" , Raul Seixas, released his debut album named after a Tarzan war cry.

   Although the album has achieved legendary status, a surprising number of songs are straight-ahead rock and rollers. It's the slower tunes that will stick with you. The late, mystical musician has achieved cult like status in his hometown city of Sao Paulo where his birthday is celebrated with parades featuring Seixas look-a-likes.

   There is no limit to the talent of Milton Nascimento who in just a few years would be performing with Wayne Shorter, Paul Simon and even Duran Duran. Lyrics are buried in the mix ( to avoid military censorship ) on this sumptuous album (translation : Miracle of the Fishes) which blends elements of jazz, rock and MPB.

   My favorite album of  the entire year of 1972 is Os Novos Baianos's Acabou Chorare. So there was no way to personally avoid a let down on the follow-up Novos Baianos F.C. Still better than 68% of the music released in 1973.


   Playful, far out, sometimes sounding deceptively simple, Tropicalia master Tom Ze's fourth album may have been mostly ignored upon its release. Since the David Byrne compilation Brazil Classics 4: The Best of  Tom Ze, this artist's work has been gaining new listeners who are instantly rewarded with a new flavor of ear candy.

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