Thursday, October 17, 2013

Six Degrees: The Bats to Husker Du

1. New Zealand alt rockers The Bats release their legendary debut album Daddy's Highway in 1987. All songs are written and composed by founder Robert Scott.

2. Robert Scott is already well regarded in New Zealand's music scene as the bass player for The Clean, formed 9 years earlier. The Clean's original bass player is Peter Gutteridge. He wrote "Point That Thing Somewhere Else".

3. Peter Gutteridge is a founding member of yet another legendary New Zealand band, The Chills. Their classic 1990 album Submarine Bells, featuring the ear worm "Heavenly Pop Hit", is produced by Gary Smith.

4. Gary Smith is best known as the producer who discovered The Pixies whose "Where Is My Mind?" , from the Surfer Rosa album, appeared on the 1990 A Matter Of Degrees soundtrack.

5. Never saw the movie but the soundtrack is full of classic alt bands like Uncle Tupelo, Yo La Tengo, Miracle Legion and a band called Nova Mob, led by Grant Hart.

6. Grant Hart was the troubled drummer and a terrific songwriter for Husker Du who has found new joy in recordng and touring.

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