Monday, January 19, 2015

Six Degrees of Separation : Dr Feelgood to Joan Armatrading

1. The Dr Feelgood track "Keep It Out of Sight", like the best tunes on their 1975 debut Down By The Jetty, is engineered by Dave Charles.

2. Dave Charles was also a drummer with pub rockers Help Yourself. He played on Ernie Graham's  classic 1971 self-titled album with members of Brinsley Schwarz.

  3. The Brinsleys' last album, 1974's New Favourites, was produced by Dave Edmunds.

4. In 1975, Dave Edmunds released Subtle as a Flying Mallet which featured drummer Picque "Pick"  Withers.

5. Pick Withers was the original drummer of Dire Straits. He played on the first four albums, including the 1978 debut which was recorded at Chris Blackwell's Basing Street Studios in Notting Hill, London.

6. In 1974 Joan Armatrading recorded her second album, Back to the Night,  at Basing Street Studios, with future Police drummer Andy Summers among other musicians.

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