Wednesday, February 4, 2015

40 Year Itch: Chinnichap

   The BBC Radio 2 series "The Record Producers" offers listeners interviews with some of the most successful producers in rock history. It sounds like they originally made around 1981. If you like this one, I can offer more as the year proceeds. {UPDATE: here's a link to other episodes in the series]

     Of course Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn were songwriters and producers of the some the UK's biggest hits, from almost everything Sweet ever did to Mud, Suzi Quatro and Smokie. Their biggest US hit was Toni Basil's "Mickey". When Chapman moved to the US, he made hit albums with Blondie and The Knack.

    By 1975 the UK hit machine was running out of steam, although they were responsible for:

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  1. Tremendous video of Mud. Don;t you just love those slick moves and toptastic outfits?