Friday, July 24, 2015

40 Year Itch : Top of the Pops

  Here's a rare opportunity to watch an entire episode of Top of the Pops forty years to the day it originally aired. 72 year old Bing Crosby performs. We meet a band we have yet to mention called Smokie. And Sparks gives us the first single off their forthcoming album Indiscreet. Here's a list of the songs played and where they stood in the charts that same week in July.

1. Sweet : Action (UK#17)
2. Typically Tropical : Barbados (UK#2)
3. The Wombles : Superwomble (eventual UK#20)
4. The Bee Gees : Jive Talkin' (UK#11)
5. Sparks : Get in the Swing (UK#46)
6. Linda Lewis  It's in His Kiss (UK#13)
7. Smokie : If You Think You Know How to Love Me (UK#16)
8. Roger Whittaker : The Last Farewell (UK#47)
9 . Linda Carr and the Love Squad : Highwire (UK#50)
10. Bing Crosby : That's What Life Is All About ( eventual UK#41)
11. Pan's People : Hamilton Bohannon's Foot Stompin' Music  (UK#15)
12. Bay City Rollers : Give A Little Love (UK#1) 


  1. If TOTP was still running, do you think the modern-day equivalents of the Wombles, Roger Whittaker and Bing Crosby would feature. Probably note, I reckon. Not unless they'd been remixed someone did a rap in the middle...

    1. I don't know, apart from the glasses, there's not that much difference between Ed Sheeran and Roger Whittaker is there? And I think I've seen Bruno Mars wearing Bing's hat.

      Also, Bay City Rollers = One Direction, Linda Lewis = Mariah Carey. On the other hand, Sparks is sui generis (Ron's mustache, Russell's shorts...)