Friday, July 17, 2015

40 Year Itch : Welcoming You Aboard Coconut Airways

Christie Brinkley in 1975

Typically Tropical : Barbados

    From Morgan Studios, where The Kinks recorded "Lola", The Who recorded "Pinball Wizard" and Rod Stewart recorded Every Picture Tells a Story, comes this one hit wonder by two resident engineers, Jeffrey Calvert and Max West. They were able to call in guitarist Chris Spedding, Tornados' drummer  Clem Cattini and Blue Mink keyboardist Roger Coulam to knock out this song about a Brixton bus driver heading off on a vacation to Barbados via Coconunt Airways. The tune hit #1 in the UK in August of 1975 and did well in other parts of Europe but never charted in the US.

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  1. So Christie Brinkley -what first attracted you to the millionaire Billy Joel?