Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Fave Album From Each Year of the 1990's

    I probably bought 50 CDs a year in the 1990s, a decade I began in the Southeast and ended in the Northwest. If I allow myself to choose only one from each year, I'll go with the ones that I played the most ( with apologies to Yo La Tengo, The Lemonheads, Freedy Johnson, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, R.E.M. and many more). Obviously I have a soft spot for thoughtful three and a half minute songs about girls, girlfriends and ex-girlfriends. And it's best if they blend acoustic guitars with blistering electric leads. That doesn't explain The P.M. Dawn album though. A cassette of Jesus Wept provided a welcome contrast to what I saw outside my windshield on a lot of long drives down lonely Colorado highways.

1990 (Mount Pleasant, SC)
  Lloyd Cole Lloyd Cole

1991(Charleston, SC)
 Matthew Sweet Girlfriend

1992 (Charleston, SC)
  The Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall

1993 (Asheville, NC)
 Grant Lee Buffalo Fuzzy

1994 (Asheville, NC)
 Grant McLennan Horsebreaker Star

1995 (Glenwood Springs, CO)
P.M. Dawn Jesus Wept

1996 (Glenwood Springs,CO)
Robert Forster Warm Nights

1997 (Glenwood Springs,CO)
Radiohead OK Computer

1998 (Glenwood Springs, CO)
Pernice Brothers Overcome By Happiness

1999 (Seattle,WA)
Wilco Summerteeth


  1. Great selections. With the exception of PM Dawn and Radiohead, all of these would be on my own shortlists for each year. I'm particularly delighted to see 'Horsebreaker Star' featured. It's an album I've raved about to all and sundry since the day it was released, to little avail.

    1. My Go Betweens obsession would really show itself if I do one of these for the 1980s

  2. As CC and the Swede said, a very good list. I'm doing a top 100 songs from the '90s list right now, and there are four artists on your list that will be in my top 25... although not necessarily from these particular albums.

    I, too, have it bad for Go-Betweens, and Robert Forster has a song that is on my list of the first 10 out of the running. Do you know the country tinged "The Circle."? It's from 'Calling From a Country Phone.' I have to admit I don't know Warm Nights as well. I need to remedy this immediately.

    1. Enjoying your rundown Brian! Warm Nights is probably not Forster's best but the mood he and Edwyn Collins produced was really appealing, especially the first half.

  3. Great list, sir! I appreciate the solo songs of the Go-Between members. Keep on going your blog. It is always a pleasure to visit your site.