Wednesday, January 4, 2017

These Revolting VIPS

The Sex Pistols : Problems


The controversial Sex Pistols punk rock group caused an uproar at Heathrow today. 
They shocked and revolted passengers and airline staff as they vomited and spat their way to an Amsterdam flight.
An airline check-in desk girl said: 'The group are the most revolting people I have ever seen in my life. They were disgusting, sick and obscene.'
The girl, who would not give her name, said: 'The group called us filthy names and insulted everyone in sight. '
One of the group was sick in a corridor leading to the aircraft. He threw up again later in a rubbish bin.
While this was going on the others were spitting on the floor and at each other. It was a disgrace.
A passenger who witnessed the group's "performance" at Heathrow today, Mrs Freda Van Roiden from Rotterdam, said : 'I've never heard of the Sex Pistols before but I certainly won't forget them in a hurry.
 They were the most degenerate bunch of small-minded children I have ever seen.
'I think they had been drinking and they looked as if they needed a good wash.'
  Evening News Jan 4, 1977

  This story is most likely completely untrue, but its publication was the final straw for EMI which decided to end their contract with the band two days later.

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