Sunday, January 29, 2017

Very Humdrum

Buzzcocks : Boredom

On January 29, 1977 The Buzzcocks released Spiral Scratch, a four song EP of catchy punk songs, on their own label, New Hormones Records. All four songs were recorded and mixed at the same December 28, 1976 session. A few weeks later vocalist and lyricist Howard Devoto announced he was departing the band, which would go on to have six Top 40 UK hits. 

"He said 'I've done what I wanted to do, which is to make a record. Now I want to leave'", guitarist Steve Diggle tells John Robb in Punk Rock: An Oral History.

"I didn't regret it for a moment," Devoto tells Robb in the same publication. "People still think I temporarily lost my senses. I still sense this 30 years on, that people can't quite accept why I left."

Later in the year, Devoto would form Magazine, one of the first and best post punk bands.

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