Wednesday, March 15, 2017

As Long As You're Groovin'

Marvin Gaye : Got to Give It Up (album version)

After overcoming his fear of flying and stage fright to record Live at the London Palladium, Marvin Gaye only had enough material to fill out three sides of a double album.  Now he needed something for side four. And that's where a song originally called "Dancing Lady" come in.

"He had this riff that seemed very danceable," recalls producer Ari Stewart. "He was doing crazy things like banging on a half-filled grapefruit juice bottle for rhythm. Well, I kept stuff like that on the track. Also people talking in the studio--that loose feeling."

Retitled "Got To Give It Up" and recorded on January 31, 1977, the song ran nearly twelve minutes on the album. The shorter single would top the soul charts in April, the disco charts in May and the Hot 100 for one week in June. Gaye had released a live album fewer than three years earlier. So this is the main reason to own Live at the London Palladium.

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