Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rollin' in Forward Motion

NRBQ : Ridin' in My Car

In March of 1977, NRBQ released All Hopped Up, their first album with drummer Tom Ardolino , the first for their own label, Red Rooster, and the first of a string of highly listenable albums that gives me more pleasure than I can say. In Connecticut at least, the local rock station played hell out of the catchy single "Ridin' In My Car", written and sung by Big Al Anderson. The Q could come up with pop hooks like this on demand, and they would on 1978's At Yankee Stadium, but for every "Ridin In My Car" , "Still At School" or "It Feels Good" on All Hopped Up, there's a "Doctor's Wind", "Bonanza" or "Queen Talk" ( Featuring the Whole Wheat Horns). That makes All Hopped Up more similar to the live shows, often random, always entertaining shows.

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