Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Penetrating Voices

Penetration : Don't Dictate

In November of 1977, Penetration ( named after the Stooges song) released their debut single, "Don't Dictate", one of punk rock's classics. The band was made up of teenagers who, on just their second outing, opened for The Stranglers. They put with the same shit as every other punk band. Below, Pauline Murray is the target of showers of beer from some rude fan that gets beaten by the crowd.

Murray told Jon Robb in Punk Rock : An Oral History about the band's youth :

There was nothing premeditated about our sound. We were very young, about eighteen, and our drummer was sixteen. There was fifteen year olds in bands like Eater. Equally you had Jet Black who was ancient! (laughs) A lot of the bands were ten years older than us -- Elvis Costello, Joe Strummer, Patti Smith--and really very supportive of all the bands. It;s hard to believe these days, but people did genuinely enjoy and support other bands. All the bands were different. Once the record companies took over that's when it all got fragmented. 

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