Monday, January 29, 2018

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Bootsy's Rubber Band : Hollywood Squares

On January 27, 1978 Bootsy's Rubber Band released their third album Bootsy? Player of the Year, featuring the #1 R and B smash "Bootzilla" as well as other "Hollywood Squares". The album topped the R and B charts, for four weeks knocking Saturday Night Fever from number 1. 

Billboard  described the album as "another giddy romp through the world of Bootsy for a third album that takes the cute and endearingly silly rhinestone king of bubblegum funk one step further". In his original 1978 review of Bootsy? Player of the Year for Rolling Stone, Ken Tucker described “Bootzilla” as “this record's best cut and Collins' masterpiece to date.” 

That said, I prefer "Hollywood Squares"

From Robert Christgau who gave the album a B+ review :

When I pay attention, I note that the slow stuff oozes along sexy as come-from-the-state-they're-named-after (back when they knew how to ooze) and the fast stuff gets over the hump just like rhymes-with-Podunk (long may they wave). When I think about it, I like the joke, too. So how come I'm not fucking, dancing, or laughing? Well, I suspect it has more to do with not being eleven than with not being black, and more to do with my funnybone than my booty. Schoolkids are as rich a source of jokes as Johnny Carson, but that doesn't mean I get off on The Flintstones.

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