Saturday, January 6, 2018

Slaughter in the Air

David Bowie : Beauty and the Beast

On January 5, 1978 David Bowie released his follow up single to "Heroes". "Beauty and the Beast" is the unhinged, funky monster that opened Bowie's 'Heroes' album. Bowie sounds paranoid,  singing of "slaughter in the air" and "protest on the wind" while Robert Fripp played four menacing guitar lines throughout. 

 The B side, "Sense of Doubt" is one of the moody instrumentals on side two of the album, created with the help of Brian Eno's "Oblique Strategies" cards. Eno's card said "Try to make everything as similar as possible" while Bowie's read "Emphasize differences".

The single would peak at #39 in the U.K charts later in the month and never made an appearance on the Billboard charts.

When Bowie went on tour it was with Zappa sideman Adrian Belew on guitar who, just a year earlier , has been playing in a Nashville cover band. 

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