Sunday, April 29, 2018

That’s Cool With Me

Plastic Bertrand : Ca Plane Pour Moi

By purist rules, it'a not even allowed to mention Plastic Bertrand. Yet this record was probably a lot better than a lot of the so-called punk records.
-Joe Strummer, 1978

On April 29 1978 Belgian singer Roger Jouret, better known as Plastic Bertrand, hit the US Hot 100 at #95 with "Ca Plane Pour Moi", an infectious and silly international hit that was actually sung by the record's producer, Lou Deprijck. That would explain why Bertrand only received 0.5% of the royalties. 

 This is not the only time a performer would find fame by lip syncing somebody else's vocals (Milli Vanilli anyone?), though it would be thirty years before Bertrand would admit it. 

Here he is performing the song aboard a trampoline on the Dutch version of Top of the Pops.

 (Wham! Bam!)
My cat "Splash" rests on my bed
She’s swallowed her tongue
While drinking all my whisky.
As for me,
Not much sleep, worn out, bullied
I’ve had to sleep in the gutter
Where I've had a vision
Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou!
In four colours
 Let’s go!
One morning
A chick came to my place
A cellophane doll, chinese hair
A sticking plaster, a wooden face
She’s drunk my beer from a a big rubber glass
Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou!
Like an Indian in his igloo
 That’s cool with me
That’s cool with me
That’s cool with me, me, me,me, me
That’s cool with me

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