Friday, March 9, 2012

I Was A College Radio DJ In The 80's: Salem 66 - Pony Song

[out of print]

Salem 66 began as an all-female trio who named their band after the famous witch trials locale and Dylan's favorite highway. They released "Across the Sea" as a single in 1984. Then they added a male guitarist for their first album, 1985's A Ripping Spin. Those of us in the WTUL basement were already digging the Rainy Day compilation and LA's Opal. To our ears, this was another welcome addition to The Paisley Underground. But Judy Grunwald and Elisabeth Kaplan bristled when Spin Magazine made the comparison.

"We never were and are not a psychedelic band" Kaplan declared.
"Never will be." said the male guitarist
 Well...Grunwald admitted using the psychedelic description early on but that was before the LA scene.
 "So to use that word didn't really connote that you were best friends with (The Dream Syndicate's) Steve Wynn or something."
"It teaches you not  to label yourself ever." said drummer Susan Merriam.

Sorry we brought it up.

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  1. Tremendous video of Mud. Don;t you just love those slick moves and toptastic outfits?