Wednesday, August 1, 2012

40 Year Itch: A Few UK Hits from August 1972

I've always been interested in the UK singles that never seem to find their way across the Atlantic. Here are four of the biggest UK hits from August 1972 that, like the Titanic, never made it to US shores.

1. Blackfoot Sue: Standing In The Road

 One hit wonders Blackfoot Sue scored a UK#4 hit with their stomping single "Standing In The Road".

 2. Lynsey DePaul: Sugar Me

Romantically linked with Ringo Starr, Roy Wood, Dodi Fayed and Sean Connery, Lynsey DePaul hit the top ten in the UK with "Sugar Me". The single topped the charts in other European countries and has recently been used in Louis Vuitton ads.

 3. Judge Dread: Big Six
 The first white performer to have a reggae hit, Judge Dread (born Alexander Hughes) hit #11 with "Big Six" based on Verne And Sons "Little Boy Blue". The lyrics ( which turn the nursery song into something lewd) got it banned from BBC airplay. That happened a lot to Judge Dread who the Guinness Book of World Records credits with having the most songs banned of all time. Yes the women in the background are topless.And yes this is YouTube.

 4. Bobby Hebb: Love Love Love
 Best known for the 1966 hit "Sunny" which led to his touring with The Beatles, Bobby Hebb reached #32 in the UK charts with the catchy "Love Love Love".

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  1. 40 years since Blackfoot Sue hit the charts - god I feel old.