Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 10 Fave Songs of Haysi Fantayzee's Kate Garner

Taking a break from the 40 year itch to celebrate the 30 year itch. Former fashion photographer turned quirky new wave singer Kate Garner gave her top ten list to Smash Hits for their August 5, 1982 issue as the Haysi Fantayzee debut single "John Wayne Is Big Leggy" hit the charts. This list comes courtesy of Brian at Like Punk Never Happened

1.CAJUN GRASS BAND : La Cravat - It sounds like my friend Kim Bowen ( now a Hollywood costume designer) at 78 r.p.m.
2. DR JOHN Walk on Gilded Splinters - 'Cos it's spikey
3. T. REX Ride A White Swan - 'Cos it's bootiful
4. LONNIE DONNEGAN  Pick a Bale of Cotton - 'Cos it has good vocal harmonies

5. BLACK BLOOD Tumba - 'Cos it's jangly
6. BONEY M Brown Girl in The Ring - 'Cos it's got a groovy nursery rhyme

7. MY MUM The Spinning Song - 'Cos it's a fine traditional Irish tune and no-one sings it like my mum
8.  TOM TOM CLUB Genius of Love - 'Cos It's wacky
9. FELA KUTI Sorrow, Tears N' Blood - "Cos it hurts my stomach
10. BABY O In The Forest - "Cos it's good to sing along to in big American cars.

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