Monday, July 1, 2013

The 5 Worst Albums of 1973.

#5. Burt Reynolds : Ask Me What I Am

Ask Burt Reynolds what he is? An actor who can't sing.

#4. Danny Bonaduce

Here's an idea: let's get one of the Partridge Family kids who can't sing or play an instrument. Then we'll have him croon about "making love to you " with his "magic wand".

#3. Bob Dylan : Dylan

When Bob Dylan left CBS for Asylum his old label punished him by releasing this set of rejects. It's not totally wretched but it's the worst album Dylan ever made. Until Christmas in the Heart.

                                   # 2. Chris Knight and Maureen McCormick 

Sung with the painful earnestness of wholesome teenage TV stars who see their careers slipping away as the Partridge Family gains audience share.

#1: John Wayne: America Why I Love Her

John Wayne says the hippies have it all wrong. Sure we got wars, poverty, racism, crime and corrupt politcians, but what about that fireman who climbs a tree to set a kitten free? And he was serious.

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