Tuesday, December 2, 2014

40 Year Itch : A Band With Some Bite

    This bluesy rock outfit was formed by Free bassist Andy Fraser and guitar virtuoso Chris Spedding. Singer Steve "Snips" Parsons will remind you of Joe Cocker at full strength. When Fraser left, future Talking Heads touring bandmate Busta "Cherry" Jones joined the group. The 1974 album Jab It in You're Eye, even with its off-putting album cover,  is one the year's best surprises for me. Sounds like The Clash borrowed the riff from "Sophistication" for "Should I Stay or Should I Go".

When the band started, Chris Spedding drove around in his "Shark" car. They toured with Roxy Music. After the band broke up in 1974, Spedding would enjoy his biggest hit "Motor Bikin'"(UK#14) but it pales in comparison to the soulful jams found on Jab.

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