Friday, October 12, 2018

The Order of Death

Public Image LTD : The Order of Death

On October 12, 1978 Sid Vicious says he woke up a drugged stupor to find his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, dead on the bathroom floor of their room in the Hotel Chelsea in New York. She had suffered a single stab wound to her abdomen. It didn't look like much of a cut but it was enough for her to bleed to death. "I stabbed her, " Vicious said. "But I never meant to kill her."

Is there any chance Sid Vicious was framed? His Sex Pistols bandmate John Lydon thinks so. In Lydon's book, Anger is My Energy,  he suggests drug dealers, possibly Mafia-run, killed Nancy when Sid couldn't pay them for the drugs he bought:

Nancy was killed, and that poor foolish boy was left holding the knife, not knowing what's going on. To me there's no mystery in it at all. You owe money, that's what you're gonna get. And there ain't no police going to hunt it down different.

The boy's life was over, and there he was in Rikers Island jail, in New York, with really not much option. As soon as he got out on bail-bang!-he banged up another number in the vein, and goodbye...Don't look for no mystery in it. This is what you get because this is what you want. Get the PiL song now?

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