Monday, October 15, 2018

So Hard to Beat

The Undertones : Teenage Kicks

On October 15, 1978 The Undertones debut single "Teenage Kicks" entered the U.K. charts at #75. As the story goes, the first time the legendary DJ John Peel heard the song was the time he spun the record on air. He liked it so much he reportedly burst into tears and then played the song again. He would eventually declare "Teenage Kicks" the perfect three minute pop song and have the opening lines chiseled on his gravestone.

The drummer's intro, the raving guitars, Feargal Sharkey's quivering tenor and the very teenage boy attitudes about new girls in the neighborhood. It all adds up to a great song. Sounds declared "Teenage Kicks" the sixth best single of the year, but the song did not make any NME lists.

By this date in 1978 The Northern Irish band had signed with Sire Records who immediately launched the single from an otherwise unremarkable EP. "Teenage Kicks" peaked at UK#31.

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