Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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Alex Chilton : Bangkok

Recorded at Big Apple Studios (later Greene Street Recording) in New York City with Chris Stamey, Alex Chilton's "Bangkok" is a sloppily written, sloppily sung, sloppily tuned, sloppily played song that essentially has puerile fun with the name of a city in Thailand ( not Indonesia, geography fans). Chilton was somewhat obsessed with sex and manage to sleep with a lot of ladies in his day. The cover of the 45 was shot by David Godlis who tells Holly George-Warren in A Man Called Destruction, "I developed the film, and there was a raindrop on the lens and it spread the light in such a way that it didn't fuck up his face. It looked perfect". Warren writes that a few thousand copies were printed up. Many critics loved the new single and so did Tom Waits!

Robert Christgau got a copy of "Bangkok/Can't Seem to Make You Mind". For his Consumer Guide column he wrote "Consider the pun you might have with a title like "Bangkok," the B side of Alex Chilton's "Can't Seem to Make You Mine" (on Fun)".

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