Thursday, December 4, 2014

40 Year Itch : Painting Pictures on a Scarecrow's Hat

All week we've been showcasing some mostly forgotten classic rock albums from 1974. Spider Jiving is one of those the dean of rock critics, Robert Christgau,  originally graded an A, praising the album for its "rough hewn spontaneity" and "lean, direct, catchy, introspective lyrics". If you get past the high pitched, wheezy vocals you be just as delighted with this album as I am.

    Andy Fairweather Low first tasted fame as a member of the Welsh teeny bopper band Amen Corner which had four Top 10 UK hits between 1968 and 1969. In the mid 70's, Andy re-emerged as a singer/guitarist whose "Spider Jiving" got some US radio play . The album's "Reggae Tune" reached #10 in the UK charts in September of 1974. Album closer "Dancing in the Dark" was my original favorite, but as I play Spider Jiving more and more I'm getting hooked on rockers like "Drowning on Dry Land".

in 2013 Andy played "Spider Jiving" with Eric Clapton. So there.

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