Sunday, October 30, 2016

40 Year Itch : A Cute Way of Talking

Leo Sayer : You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

On October 30, British singer/songwriter Leo Sayer's new single "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" made its UK debut at #30. In the US the song would be inescapable, peaking at #1 in January of 1977 ( and at #2 in the UK). Much of the success, or blame, belongs to producer Richard Perry, who also helped Ringo Starr, Carly Simon and many other stars record their biggest hit singles and albums.

Sayer, who in clown makeup once toured with Roxy Music, told Rolling Stone's Ben Fong-Torres, the smash single came about during a rehearsal session:

I just started singing that line "You got a cute way of talking" and Richard immediately ran to the recorder, pushed the button, and said "Look, let's take it. Two months later I came back to Los Angeles and he played me back some stuff and said "That's number one." I didn't even remember it.

I get more enjoyment out of the third single, written by Sayer with Barry Mann. It's called "how Much Love" and peaked at US#17. The other big single is the #1US/#1UK single "When I Need You".

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