Monday, April 17, 2017

The Widow Of A Wild Cat

Metro : Criminal World

Here's a real treat for you! On April 17, 1977 the UK band Metro made its television debut by performing one of the year's most memorable singles, "Criminal World",  on the German program Hits A GoGo. Metro was made up of Peter Godwin (who is very engaging on his Facebook page), Sean Lyons and Duncan Browne, whose "My Old Friends" was one of my favorite discoveries a few years back when I was immersed in the music of 1973.

The song has a dark mysterious sexual air around it and sounds at least five years ahead of its time. Godwin said the lyrics (the boys are like baby faced girls/ the girls are like baby faced boys) are a satire of David Bowie's gender bending songs. Bowie did an upbeat cover of the song on 1983's Nile Rodgers produced Let's Dance. As for the look, Godwin says it was inspired by the 1970 French movie "Borsalino" with Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

A still from Borsalino 

   Here's what I wrote a few years ago about Browne's album.

With gorgeous melodies from the classically trained guitarist, Duncan Browne features the 1972 UK #23 hit "Journey". Love Nick Drake but want something less dour for your Sunday mornings? Try this fetching collection. One of 1973's gems.

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  1. Thanks for the Duncan Browne post. It gives me the opportunity to add.......absolutely nothing of any value other than a personal anecdote that I hold him close to my heart on the flimsiest of filigree fancies - I loved (and bought) his hit single Journey and wistful six minute long b side In A Mist (on the RAK label I recall). Is it possible to love an artist on such meagre fare? Of course it is, there's that Je ne sais quoi factor that let's you tick all the boxes and invites you to follow an artist up. Except I didn't (apart from seeing a vid for a rack of his, Cancion de Cuna on Youtube) So, hearing yr post of My Old Friends has set me off again and this time I'll dig a bit deeper and seek out more of his stuff. Thanks again