Friday, January 11, 2019

Oh Boy, Pizza.

Ramones : She's the One

In January of 1979 The Ramones released a new single, "She's The One" b/w "I Wanna Be Sedated". Both come from 1978's Road to Ruin. The B side, one of the band's best known songs, would be released as a single in 1980 following its appearance on the Times Square soundtrack.  

On this date the Ramones were touring the country again, playing in Salt Lake City. A few weeks earlier they played three shows at the Roxy and filmed their parts for a 1979 movie called Rock 'N' Roll High School

Johnny Ramone remembers:

Dee Dee was out of it the whole time that movie was being made. he originally had three lines of dialogue, but they cut it down to one because he couldn't remember them all. "Oh boy, pizza." He got that one after about 40 takes.

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