Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Devo's back with "Girl U Want"

Devo: Girl U Want

In April of 1980 Devo released their new single, "Girl U Want". Because of its herky jerky sound that might remind some of "My Sharona", the record company thought this would be a bigger hit from the upcoming Freedom of Choice than "Whip It". The song didn't chart.

The reviewer for Smash Hits wrote 

"The usual fidgety disco sound, the usual stops, starts and detours, the usual clownish, mildly inquisitive vocals, the usual vaguely sinister playground music. Would you believe a love song? Well, sort of".

Here's Mark Mothersbaugh, wearing a red terraced Energy dome hat and singing"Girl U Want"  into an ice cream cone on French television.

The official video:

Remarkably, the song was covered by Robert Palmer in 1994:

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