Monday, October 24, 2011

John Peel Picks His All Time Top Ten Songs

Celebrating John Peel Day with a list he made for Smash Hits Magazine which appeared in the August 20- September 2, 1981 issue, via Like Punk Never Happened .

1.Duane Eddy: Peter Gunn Theme - This is the perfect instrumental
2. The Undertones: Teenage Kicks - In my job I'm always searching for the perfect single and this must come the nearest. My all-time fave.
3. Gene Vincent: Race With the Devil - I often think far too much attention is paid to lyrics. I like this one because the lyrics are unintelligible.
4. The Birthday Party: Release the Bats
5. The Specials: Ghost Town - Definitely the best number one for years and years and years.
6. Andy Capp: Pop-A-Top - This was one of the first Jamaican records to be played on the radio and it is terrific. My wife and I go round the house singing to this, in so far as that's possible to do!
7. The Fall: How I Wrote Elastic Man - I like The Fall very much and love going to see them every chance I get.
8. Linda Jones: Your Precious Love - This song is both terribly sad and angry at the same time (also sad because the singer is now dead). Just been re-issued.
9. Lee Perry: Baffling Smoke Signal - Lee made the best reggae records ever.
10. Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk - Very sexy. P.S. If you ask me again tomorrow, it'll probably be all different.

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