Thursday, October 27, 2011

George Harrison : Speed Freak

Although better known for embracing the cultures of India and Hindu, George Harrison was also an avid fan of Formula One racing. Especially after he befriended three time World Champion Jackie Stewart, who inspired the 1979 single "Faster" and even appeared as the chauffeur for the video.

It's fascinating when you know the drivers and the teams and all their problems, and you can see them as people.
Because they are just people, but to go to work they have to get in this car and do 180 miles an hour.
-George Harrison

In the Olivia Harrison book George Harrison Living In The Material World [ purchase], Damon Hill--a Formula One World Champion who also formed a punk band called Sex, Hitler And The Hormones--says he once told George his biggest dream was to go on a rocket and blast off into outer space. George replied "No, man. Inner space, not outer space."

George owned a rare McLaren F1. They take three months to build. His was painted purple. 630 horsepower ( my Honda Civic as 140) No power brakes, no power steering, no traction control. George loved the car and he loved the noise it made.

It looked something like this.

Jackie said Formula One Racers and great guitarists are both artists who often live on the edge. For whatever reason, George made friends with all kinds of champion drivers. Here's George being interviewed by his friend Jackie at the 1986 Australian Grand Prix.

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