Sunday, November 25, 2012

40 Year Itch: Grey Lagoons

On November 25, 1972 Roxy Music performed a three song set on the BBC arts program Full House. You'll hear a bit of "Re-Make/Re-Model", "Ladytron" and a new song, "Grey Lagoons", which would appear on the band's second album For Your Pleasure.


The sound is tinny and the picture is low-res but it's worth your time if you're a big fan of Roxy Music. Phil Manzanera takes quite the solo on "Ladytron". Andrew Mackay and Bryan Ferry trade off solos ( sax and harmonica) on "Grey Lagoons". Despite his eye-catching appearance, Brian Eno doesn't get many isolated shots at all. There's one near the end.

This week Bryan Ferry releases The Jazz Age, a collection of 1920's style takes on Roxy Music/solo Ferry  classics.

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