Thursday, May 16, 2013

40 Year Itch : Three Moments of Extraordinary Beauty


As Cilibrinas do Eden, Rita Lee of Os Mutantes and musical partner Linda Turnbull released this hit-and miss album that mixes straight boogie rock with tropicalia. The misses are often awful but when it all comes together, as it does on "Bad Trip", it's brilliant. The album Cilibrinas do Eden was reissued in 2008 in a limited run of 500 copies, some of which are selling now for nearly $100.


Before 1973 ended, Candian rockers Bachman Turner Overdrive would hit it big with the first of their  three minute party rock anthems ("Takin Care of Business", "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet", "Hey You", "Let It Ride") but on the debut album the most outstanding cut is the jazz influenced "Blue Collar", a single that peaked at just 68 in the US. Strange that BTO didn't pursue this sound which reminds us of Randy Bachman's days in the Guess Who.

While the first two entries are great tunes from spotty albums, this cover of Jobim's "Aguas de Marco" comes from a breathtakingly perfect Bossa Nova album recorded by the father of Bossa Nova, Joao Gilberto. Also known as the "white album", Joao Gilberto is a spare effort--mostly just Gilberto, his guitar and his soft voice. Perfection.

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