Wednesday, February 26, 2014

40 Year Itch: Eno the Frontman

"Jumping around the stage is the most self-conscious activity for me. I knew it was the wrong decision from the first night of the tour. I was happy when my lung collapsed."-Brian Eno

On February 26, 1974 Brian Eno and his backing band, The Winkies, recorded a tight, rocking Peel Session that would air a week later on BBC1. The songs include " The Paw Paw Negro's Blowtorch", "Baby's On Fire/ I'll Come Running" and a cover of "Fever". "I'll Come Running" would appear on Eno's 1975 album  Another Green World.

       Eno's career as a hard partying front man lasted just five gigs but it was probably sweet. He apparently took part in as many energetic sexual marathons with groupies as his body could stand. After being hospitalized with a collapsed lung, Eno happily went back to twisting knobs in the studio.

The Winkies debut album came out in 1975. Eno contributed to one of the tracks. The album failed to sell and the Winkies disbanded.

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  1. Despite the almost puerile name (to these Protestant-Calvinist ears anyway!!!!!) this track by The Winkies is actually pretty good. Never heard of them. Thanks. Just going to the Marshall Tucker stuff.....