Tuesday, June 2, 2015

40 Year Itch : Friends With Their Fancy Persuasion

Ace : How Long

"How Long", the blue-eyed soul single written and sung by future Mike and the Mechanics and Squeeze vocalist Paul Carrack, was the big hit for Ace. This is no love song. It's Carrack wondering how long Aces bass player, Terry "Tex" Comer, had been considering leaving Ace of the more popular Sutherland Brothers and Quiver? ( More about them later in the years). By the way, Comer decided to stay with Ace.

    "How Long?" peaked at #3 in the US pop charts for the first two weeks of June. You might guess the rest of the album sounds like something Boz Scaggs or Hall and Oates might have released...and you'd be wrong. Most of Five-a-Side is faceless , rootsy pub rock.


  1. Yes, the single is quite misleadng as regards the album which is, from what I've heard, not the greatest. Just catching up on Henry Cow, Living In The Heart Of The Beast is quintessential prog (is that a flute I can hear??). Not a song for the faint-hearted

  2. How long has Paul Carrack been goin' on? It's easy to forget he's been at this forever. I really like his work with Nick Lowe, and the solo album Suburban Voodoo, particularly the second side, is very good.