Wednesday, February 10, 2016

40 Year Itch : Hustling Onto the Dance Floor

The Fatback Band : (Do The) Spanish Hustle

M and O band : Do the Latin Hustle

   By any name, the Hustle brought dancing couples close together again, with plenty of full bodied touches and swings alternating with snap turns, kicks, lunges and dips. The dance began in urban Black and Puerto Rican bars around New York City while, at the same time, Miami based Cubans brought a little Salsa flair to the disco floor. Some of the moves might even remind you of the Carolina Shag. Or they just might make you too dizzy to read on. 

   The Fatback Band single was a Top 10 UK hit but never broke into the US Hot 100. M and O's single "Let's Do the Latin Hustle" entered the UK Charts at #40 the same week the composer Eddie Drennon's version debuted at #50. M and O would chart highest, peaking at #16 versus Drennon's original version which peaked at #20.

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  1. Wish I wear my headset today so that I can hear it. Looks like a nice song! :)

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