Thursday, February 4, 2016

40 Year Itch : It'll Make Your Day

Earth Wind and Fire : Sing a Song

   For two weeks in February,  Earth Wind and Fire's infectious "Sing a Song" peaked at #5 on the US pop charts, a month after it had topped the R and B charts. Like many Earth Wind and Fire hits, it was written and produced by the band's founder Maurice White, who passed away February 3 aged 74. 


   You could dig through the entire Earth Wind and Fire catalog and still not find a song that made you feel bad. Maurice White told Jet Magazine in 2005 "We've strived to push the idea of illumination and the vibration of positivity."
    White and his brothers changed the world. And to this day, no band can't instantly change your mood for the Earth Wind and Fire. What a legacy!


  1. Only seen DVD's but EWF was an awesome live band. Their songs always lift me up. RIP Mr White.