Tuesday, May 24, 2016

40 Year Itch : A Knife, A Fork

Dillinger : Cokane in My Brain

  I was born in New York and I can promise you "a knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork / that's the way we spell New York" is not actually true. But it's a great rhyme and if we accept the premise that the toaster is blitzed out of his mind and rambling, then it makes plenty of sense.


  1. Which in turn lead The Clash to claim, 'A spirit, a pound, a half a pint of Brown, This is the way we spell Camden Town'.

  2. The word 'classic' doesn't do this song justice. Even MrsRobster has been known to start singing "I got cocaine running around in my brain", and she 1) is vehemently anti-drugs; and 2) isn't a fan of reggae.